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Goodcare AtHome Rehab

400 Erin Circle

Hartford, SD, 57033

(605) 988-4528

Goodcare AtHome Rehab is the innovative leader in providing mobile outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy services where it matters most, at home.

A recent change in condition due to a hospitalization, fall or other event, or just the natural decline in ability as one ages can have a profound affect on safe completion of daily activities as they had previously.  When this situation occurs, there have traditionally been two options for community-based therapy services, home health therapy and outpatient therapy at a clinic.

We at Goodcare AtHome Rehab, identified a gap in accessibility to therapy services for those who do not meet the Medicare home health guidelines for therapy and for those where an outpatient clinic may not be the setting that would best meet the needs of, or desired by, the client.  Goodcare AtHome Rehab bridges that gap!

 Man with walker/rollator and caregiver

Goodcare AtHome Rehab specializes in the evaluation and treatment of those who desire and would benefit from their outpatient therapy to be completed in their home environment.  We partner with assisted living and senior living facilities in helping their residents remain in their homes for as long safely possible and desired by the client.  We also partner with hospitals and nursing homes for those who are being discharged home that do not qualify for home health therapy, but would still benefit from a rehab to home transitional therapy service to reinforce what was gained in their rehab stay to encourage greater success in safe completion of important daily activities in their home environment.

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